Media Gallery

Welcome to Matri Sadan’s Media Gallery!

Explore the heart of our activities and witness the serene and dynamic expressions of our mission through visuals. This gallery is curated to educate, inspire, and mobilize support for our spiritual and environmental endeavors. Navigate through our diverse categories to experience the essence of Matri Sadan.


Video Gallery

Sanctuary in Nature

View the lush landscapes of our ashram, the flora and fauna we protect, and the serene environments where we practice spirituality.

Spiritual Gatherings

Capturing moments from our meditation sessions, spiritual discourses, and communal prayers.

Environmental Campaigns

Witness the passion and dedication of our satyagrahas, clean-up drives, and awareness campaigns against environmental degradation.

Community Outreach

See the impact of our educational programs, volunteer activities, and collaborations with local communities.

Cultural Celebrations

Dive into the vibrant celebrations and traditional events that embody the richness of our spiritual heritage.